Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 things I'll remember '09 for ...

Its New Year's Eve tonight and we will wake up to a whole new year tomorrow. Looking back at '09, it has only been funtastic, enriching and an awesome year for me... thanks to all those who wished me a Happy 2009 a year ago ! :)

Here is my list of top 9 things I'll remember this year for... (in pseudo-chrono order)

1) Beyonce's concert in Seattle : I may not be as big a fan of Beyonce as I claim to be, but this was one definite "wow" experience for me.

2) Sadhguru's visit to Seattle and Rams Anto farewell : It was an enriching experience to listen to Sadhguru especially with an open mind as I'm not associated with Isha. It was reaffirming the fact that "Every human being is naturally capable of being joyful". And having lived with joyful beings like Anto and Rams I can't relate to it more ! Anto was our pet at home - the constant source of fun and Rams was the catalyst of fun. We had times of our lives with 5 of us being together. Even when I miss both of them, I'm happy for them for they have found their passions.

3) Raghu's parents visit : Two months of at-home feel with awesome food, unlimited ottals, dumb-c fun ( can't forget Raghu's mom trying to enact a happy face for 'Santhosh' subramanian ! ), horoscope predictions and watching movies together.

4) Tulip trips: Three continous weekends to Tulip gardens with different set of friends each time. A tulip is a tulip is a tulip :)

5) Weekend trips : The gorgeous Yosemite trip during memorial day weekend, the funtabulos Niagara Falls trip during Independence day, the spectacular Chicago trip in summer, the delicious buffet at Saravana Bhavan Vancouver, the happening Austin downtown and a thanksgiving weekend trip to Texas to meet Shashu and Shamu !

6) The RNARA movie quizzes : We, the RNARA gang ( my roommates), started playing this Tamil movie based quizzes and got so addicted to it that we came up with numerous ways to frame questions ( character names, ERCs, Guess from the story, guess the song, BGM, guess the movie from video clip etc etc). We had fun quiz shows organized during the class get-together and other such potluck events.

7) Summer Soccer matches : Thanks to my lead at office, I got interested in playing soccer and we played almost every weekend during the summer here. Enjoyed every bit of it. Also got to see Chelsea playing Sounders when the blues visited Seattle.

8) Windows 7 : The greatest success story of Microsoft in recent times... proud to be part of the team that shipped Windows 7 on time and with great quality.

9) Diwali and the celebrations back home : Had an awesome Diwali at home the childhood-style... sweets, fireworks, new dress and early morning oil bath ! There is nothing like being at home for festivals... Enjoyed all my fav speciality dishes that my mom made. Our first house-warming ceremony and my cousin's wedding made my India trip a memorable one.

Now.. I dont want to bore you guys with "10 things I look forward to in 2010" etc.... Lets hope for a joyful 2010.

WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010.. Enjoy and spread the joy !


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