Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The mystic magician...

"Music is the easiest way to reach the Ultimate" - an often said tag line by many. But only a very few musicians can make you realize the essential truth in the statement. They can weave magic with music and put the receptive listener in a different dimension of life altogether. A R Rahman is one such magical musician !

From the yesteryear classics like Roja, Uyirae (Dil se) to the recent Ghajini, Yuvvraj, SDM I can feel that his magic grew within me over time. His subtle yet intense music reached a new peak in Delhi-6 and here I'm, joining the league of no-words-to-explain-his-music club. Delhi-6 did a lot of things to me including bringing be back to my blog after an year long hiatus !

For the mystic musician who says ' music just happens within you when you tune in to it', Oscars and other bigger laurels will 'just happen' ! Here is wishing the master all that he deserves in life. Jai Ho ARR !!!


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