Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rejuvenating Goa... a cherishable trip.

Goa has all in it to enthuse and cheer a tourist from whichever part of the world, with its magficient and scenic beaches, historical monuments, architectural churches, gigantic fort and a rich Indo-Portuguese culture. The relaxed mood of the city gives the touring visitors a break from the fast-paced city lifestyle.

We, as a small group of 8 ppl, visited Goa for a weekend trip as a team-outing event. We had no other option other than flying air deccan to it was the only airline flying to Goa from Hyderabad. But fortunately they flew on schedule this time around, and we boarded the flight at 1PM on Saturday the 10th of March 2007. It was a turbulant flight with the 'pankawala' aircraft and we landed in Dabolim Airport Goa sharp at 2:30 PM. It was a 40 minute drive to 'The Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa', the 5-star hotel with whom we had the hotel reservation, in the van they sent to pick us up.

We were made to wait for a few minutes in the reception lobby of the hotel and then came a staff who lead us to our rooms. He took us through a path which lead to the beach and then showed us a tent and said,"this is where you are going to stay... Deluxe luxury Tents with A/C". "What !!! Coming all the way to Goa dreaming of a 5-star luxurious accomodation, do we really have to stay in a deserted HUTTTT !!!" - was the reaction on most of our faces. The staff went on to explain the architecture of the tent... "See this is how you open the door to get in... zzzzzzpppppp", he unzipped the door like opening a bag. And I could not control my laughter when he demoed us the way to unzip the restroom door in the same way. .. (Yuckkk... who will have the patience to unzip the door to the restroom when they have other things to unzip :P ) Told him that we are not taking the tents and finally managed to get the good-looking deluxe rooms...( huhhh... now it looks like a 5-star ! :) ). There were hardly any Indians other than us in the hotel and there were only foreign people we could find in the hotel area, coffee shop and the swimming pool.

After having some sandwiches and burgers in the coffee shop, we headed towards the private beach of the hotel. We went for a boat cruise ride to see the sunset and the ride was so much fun with water splashing all over. But yeah it was a turbulant water ride after a turbulant air flight :).

The sunset view from in the middle of the ocean was jus awesome. Surrounded by water on all sides, seeing the sun sink in the horizon -- we were lucky in our timing that day ! After the ride, we came back to the hotel, had a coffee witnessing the manipuri entertainment and went back to the room to refresh. Came back fresh and hungry to the dinner table and the buffet was so inviting with a good variety for both Veg and Non-Veg. Relished the dinner with a nice music by the band out there in the pool side. The night was still young and went to check out the discotheque and the entertainment center they had there. It was near empty and the music was playing with disco lights on the empty dance floor :( . Nikhil, got enthu about the casinos and the poker machines they had and we went on to play a interesting game with jus 10 coins he bought. WE made 20 with the 10 coins, but finally lost all of them. Anand and Ruby later joined to another game of Poker and they also lost in the similar fashion. The ultimate fun was when Archan came with Abhishiktha to play, bought 10 coins and lost all of them straight in the casino ( since casino was only luck based and they didn't want to venture the Poker stuff which needs a lil bit of thinking :P ). It was midnight by then, but still we didn't want to leave that place without shaking our legs for the tune for some time. Danced for a few hindi songs in the dance floor and went to sleep at 1 am.

The next day started at around 7:30 am for me. I wanted to chek out the Open Air Jacuzzi they had for use by the inmates of the hotel. Went there at 8 am and had a nice bath in the gushing water in Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi was next to the swimming pool and there were no one in the pool as well during that time. So apparently the foreign tourists jus come out during the sun to take sun bath and get back to their rooms after the sun sets, leaving us with a not-so-happening discotheque the previous night and an near empty pool in the morning :P

It was a marvelous buffet breakfast they had there and we really had a heavy breakfast. By around 11 we started for a 'Sight seeing trip' in two cabs from the hotel, the married people took the Honda City and the others took the Esteem. We first went to the most famous church of Goa, The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church and Se Cathedral.

This is the place where the relics and mortal remains of St.Francis Xavier is kept preserved for more than 500 years now.

From there we went to Fort Aguada, the famous fort of portuguese era, made even more famous by the 'Dil Chahtha Hai' spot. Took a lot of poses in the fort and spent almost an hour in this place.

It was almost 3 Pm when we headed for Lunch at the famous Goan restaurant, Midaas Touch in Calangute. The Goan speciality fish dishes are the famous things here and ppl feasted on it. I managed a decently tasteful vegetarian lunch at this place :)

Next we went to the most crowded and apparently happening Calungute beach. It was so crowded and the entire place looked like a exhibition spot :). jus walked on the sea shore for some 15-20 mins and went to the Vagator beach, the rocky beach in the northernmost part of Goa, for a nice bath in the sea. Played in the water for quite some time, got drenched fully, changed clothes and got back in the cab to start back to the hotel. it was a tiring 1 hour drive back to the hotel and we went back to our rooms after the nice dinner buffet.

The next day morning we had already booked for the Dolphin ride and we woke up early to start our ride into the sea at sharp 8:30. The dolphin spot had a lot of dolphins but unfortunately not a lot of them were in a playful mood. Had to keep waiting and keep turning our heads to see dolphins come out of the surface. Catching them in the camera lens was even more tough and we had to shoot some video clips to get them digitized :)

(The Goa gang - Abhishiktha Das, Archan Das, SubbaRaju, Pradeep, Me, Nikhil, Ananda Sarkar, Ruby Sarkar )

After this the gang expect me went for the water sports ( Parasailing, Jet Ski etc) and had lotsa fun. I was feeling kinda sea-sick and chose to stay back in the room taking a 45 min bath in the bath tub :).

Our return flight was at 3 PM and the hotel cab dropped us in the airport. To add to the fun of the trip, we met Cine Actress Ramya Krishnan in Goa Airport and I went and asked for a photo with her. :)

And after the 90 minute flight back to Hyderabad, we were back to the routine after a rejuvenating trip to the Konkan land.



  • Nice narration Naresh :) Felt the flow of the trip with the embedded pics!

    By Blogger U & Me, at 2:03 AM  

  • That was a great trip!! I had a similar experience which is available at here.

    By Blogger Chirag, at 2:47 PM  

  • a snap with ramya krishnan....great naresh...u've become sacred....u r heading towards it not

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 PM  

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