Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sainikudu loses the battle...'Prince' the only saving grace !

Delivering under pressure is no easy task and Gunasekar (Director) fumbled completely with the script for this much-hyped-up movie Sainikudu. I would say Gunasekar actually made an easy task tougher. The stage was a easy-winning one - the expectation was jus for another Mahesh Babu with the typical style characteristic of his previous movies. But this movie is defintely not one any cine-goer would feel happy about. Flawed screenplay and a gripless narration are for the losers. Relying heavily on huge-sets and extraordinary stunts without the baseline of an effective screenplay to back it up is where the movie loses big time.

In fact the concept on which the movie is based on, Student involvement in politics and nation-building - is a good enough baseline. But a confused screenplay influenced by a lot of previous successful movies' tint makes the film boring. The scenes involving Mahesh and Trisha after he kidnaps her - Gunasekar forgot that this is different from Okkadu kidnap and Trisha shows expressions as if she was saved from her marriage. I was wondering whether the director was trying to mimic Bommarilu's Hasini in Trisha's character when she was moving with Mahesh's friends ! Totally the characterisation of Varalakshmi is totally inapproriate. The villain was not at all powerful and was more like a comedian - on the contrary, Mahesh was depicted all-powerful - the net effect being the fight scenes irritating.

But yeah there were atleast a very few saving grace to the movie. Mahesh Babu's presence :) . His expressions,as usual. Picturisation of the Songs.

In short - the Soldier was let to battle alone ... the war is lost.. yet he stands tall !

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