Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The 'Soldier' arrives amidst unprecedented hype !!!

The aura around Prince' fans is buzzing with super excitement today. The much-awaited movie of the year is hitting the cinemas today amidst super-duper hype. The movie as such may be anywhere between an amazing movie to a normal run-of-the-mill (I'm yet to watch it... and will be seeing on only this Sunday :( ) . But I would say the movie crew should be extremely happy jus with the frenzy created now during the opening.

CAN YOU BELIEVE that a movie is getting screened in a multiplex (PRASADs Multiplex, Hyd) with 18 shows a day !!! There are 5 screens in the multiplex and theoretically they can screen 5*5=25 shows in a day. And this movie gets into 18 of them !!! Wowww. Adding to this is PVR Cinemas hyd which is screening this 10 times a day. And literally I was not able to count the number of cinemas in hyd where its opening today.

The reasons I could see for this much of an hype... Mahesh's magnetism in tollywood, Pokiri's success, the directors successful venture with Mahesh before (Okkadu and Arjun), and Mahesh-Trisha's success story in Athadu. Now, Will this movie meet the expectations of over-hyped-up audience ?? We will get the answer soon... Will come back with the review of the movie on Sunday ! :)

Go go go Adhigo...

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sharing the frame with Steve Ballmer !

A nice photo here to preserve for ages to come... Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, came down to our campus at Hyderabad to congratulate us, the Windows team, for shipping Windows Vista. Am a big fan of Steve's vibrant energy and enthusiasm and it feels good to pose for a photo shoot with him :)

( Men in Full suit :(from left to right) Srini Koppulu [VP & MD, India Dev Center], Somasegar [Corporate Vice President], Steve Ballmer [CEO], Amit Chatterjee [General Manager, IndiaDev Windows Group] )

Monday, November 13, 2006

"Naresh Vaayi adangum neram"...

A quick context to this song-post:
I had an jaw-breaking accident while playing TT in my office on Sep 12th 2006. The lower-jaw fracture was surgically fixed by placing them back in position and arresting my jaw movements completely with strings and rubber bands. I had to remain in this mouth-shut state for 2 full months - not eating any solid food... not talking... no narrations... and was not even able to shave my beard for a month. This period completely changed my lifestyle... shunting my hang-outs... silencing my narrations... restricting my laugh... and tanning my teeth.
This is a song dedicated to this state of mine by my friends with whom I live here... and Raghu is the brain behind this brilliang idea :D

So.. here goes the lyrics of the songs (Lyrics by Raghu and Rams)

In the tune of : 'New York Nagaram urangum neram (Sillundru Oru Kadhal)' (Tamil movie song)

Naresh vaai adangum neram, angeethi mudiyadhu,
Shikaarum koundhadhu
Aalu illama chutneys um azhindhadhu

Naangu rubber band kulle, naanum enathu vaayum, oomai oomai yo,
Oomai oomai yo,

Kodumai kodumai yo..

Saranam 1:
Pechellaaam kadhai pol ippo solla vaai enakku illai
Thinanum oru chilly paneer saapthu kaasu kodukka iyala villai
Vaayil irukkum AZHUKKU thannai, brush’aal clean panna mudiya villai
Moonjil valarum daadiyai, blade’aal shave panna iyala villai…

Naan inge, pizza angae, garlic breadai vaayil kooda vekka mudiya villai

Naan inge, butter naan angae, indha injury il nam iruvarum vilakam aanadheno… oooo oo oh oh

Saranam 2:
Naalu muzhukka nooru thadavai roti saapdum en vaai
Moonji fulla daadi vandhu, ada ponathey ennadu joy

Panju pola, indha roti irundhum, inda injury’il roti kooda kallu aanadenno…
Vaa doctor, neeyum vandhaal, inda injury kooda century AAi poividume mey mee mee..


And here is the rough translation to it:

The time when Naresh's mouth is shut sealed, restaurants Angeethi and Shikaar were closed in loss. The Chutneys restaurant was closed due to no patronage.
Me...myself and my mouth inside this 4 rubber bands in mouth !!! What a state this is ?! Dumbb and Pity !

Stanza 1:
No mouth to keep talking narrating tales...
Not able to eat Chilly paneer daily and pay for it...
Not even able to clean the mouth with a tooth brush...
Not able to shave the hair on face with a blade...

I'm here... Pizzas there... Not even able to feel the garlic bread in mouth !
I'm here.... Butter naan there... This injury has separated us.. Alas !!!

Stanza 2:
A mouth which eats rotis after rotis in a day for hundred times...
Now all the joy is gone with all the bearded face..
A roti which is as soft as cotton has turned into stone now due to this injury !
Come doctor, if you wish.. even this injury can turn into a century (as in Sachin's century).


Here goes the audition of the song - sung by Raghu ! Good effort by him !

(a copy of the video also at )