Monday, January 30, 2006

A cool new colorplus shirt I bought...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I still remember...

Wondering what does the above picture signify... Read on...

"My Experience at the Empire of Luxury"...

Jan 26th 2001 - When I was in first year, I had an unforgettable and an adventurous visit to the Le Royal Meredien, a 5 star hotel in Chennai which I then called "Empire of Luxury". All of a sudden, I desired to roam about in a luxurious hotel and decided to go to this place. I didn't have a nice formal dress that time and was ordinarily dressed. The weirdest thing I did that day was choosing to go there in a bicycle :-) . As expected the security folks in the hotel stopped me in the gate and looked at me as if I stopped there to ask for some address. When I said, "My uncle is coming from Bangalore next week and he wants to know the tariff of this hotel as this is kinda close to the airport. Can I get the tariff card from inside?", that person hesitantly said "yes, but you can go only upto to the reception as visitors are not allowed inside." Then I asked him a question - he would have never encountered such a question before as a guard of a star hotel - "Where do I park my cycle?". He literally didn't have a answer to this and told me to park it outside in the road near the entrance. That junk cycle didn't even have a proper stand and I finally had to rest on the walls of the hotel right in front. It would have been a rare photograph had someone captured the cycle parked on the entrance wall where the name of the 5 star hotel was carved in glittering stone :-)

So after gaining such a dramatic entry I went inside and as a formality went to the reception first to enquire about the tariff. After some 2-3 minutes of discussion with the reception people, I generally roamed about the lobby area of the hotel. I was in no mood to get out of the place and went roaming about each and every place inside. Checked out the big screen TV inside the bar there, went in lift to have a panaromic view of the swimming pool, browsed through the menu card of every restaurant before I realised that I have been inside for almost half-an-hour now. When I came out of the hotel after all this, I saw the security ppl restless and trying to call someone in the walky-talky. He,after seeing me coming out, hanged the phone, came to me and said, "What were you doing inside? Just now I was about to alarm our security guards inside that some 'mysterious person' is inside the hotel for half an hour". I smiled and said a big sorry before I escaped from there in the bicycle :-)

This story - when I came back and told my friends in the hostel - became so popular that during my birthday party that year my friends asked me for a treat in Meredien. I promised them "Sometime in my life, I will definitely give you all a big treat in Le Royal Meredien, Chennai". Those words still ring in my ears and I remember this entire story during each birthday.

This morning I wanted to blog about this after seeing the Yahoo Reminder in my desktop.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Birthday number 23...

This Jan 23rd I successfully completed my 23 years of existence in this world ! (Is that an achievement is a separate thing :-) ). Neways, I had quite a memorable day with grettings, gifts, wishes and blessings from my near and dear ones.

The day started with celebrations in the midnight when my close friends hosted a cake-cutting party for me. Cakes and sweets added sweetness to the occasion and it was followed by birthday bumps and kicks. Raghu, with his weird kicking action literally made everyone roll on the floors with laughter. It was amazing fun. My friends presented me with a nice musical greeting.

Another important aspect of such celebrations is the cake-abhishegam. Have a look at this to know how innovative our people were in this art :-)

Next is even better photo..."Feeding the birthday baby ;) "

"I wish I have a phone book entry called 'SweetHeart', before next birthday :-) ", I told, when ppl kept pushing me to tell a birthday wish. BTW,this is just a wish and not a resolution.

Monday, January 02, 2006

This weird "language problem" of mine...

"Languages Known" column of my resume looked like this...
To Speak - Tamil, English
To Read - Tamil, English, Hindi, Sanskrit.
To write - Tamil, English, Hindi.

So far so good... Now, after I'm here in Hyderabad for the past 18 months, there is a huge influence on my lingo by the conversations I have different kinds of ppl in the society here. Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh where Telugu is the official language. Since it has a huge infiltrated population, it is a nice cosmopolitan city in the sense that you will find people talking in other different languages including Hindi prominently.

Before I came here, I was never worried about my language because I knew I can manage to speak Hindi and in most of the places English is always the default. But it wasn't really that easy as I had to interact with telugu-only-ppl. The security at our aprtmnt, our house owner staying downstairs, our maid, my car service ppl - can speak only in Telugu. This necessitated the learning of Telugu in me and I was happy to have a chance to learn a new language.

But here started a new problem - The invasion of Telugu in my lingo, slowly had a negative effect on my Hindi fluency. Unknowingly Telugu words peep in to my Hindi conversations and vice versa. No I'm confused. I'm fluent talking in neither of the langiages that I cannot choose one of it to start a conversation with a person who knows only Telugu and Hindi. And all these is making me less expressive these days and I'm not the same verbose narrator as I used to be before :-( .

One example of my confused language : Our maid, seeing a new cot in our house, asked me "When did you buy this?" (She asked this in Telugu). I thought for a second and ended up answering "Yesterday hi kareedh liya", and started laughing to myself on my Hindi+English answer to a Telugu person :-)

Is there anybody who can fix mera vichithramana language problemuu ???