Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The 'Soldier' arrives amidst unprecedented hype !!!

The aura around Prince' fans is buzzing with super excitement today. The much-awaited movie of the year is hitting the cinemas today amidst super-duper hype. The movie as such may be anywhere between an amazing movie to a normal run-of-the-mill (I'm yet to watch it... and will be seeing on only this Sunday :( ) . But I would say the movie crew should be extremely happy jus with the frenzy created now during the opening.

CAN YOU BELIEVE that a movie is getting screened in a multiplex (PRASADs Multiplex, Hyd) with 18 shows a day !!! There are 5 screens in the multiplex and theoretically they can screen 5*5=25 shows in a day. And this movie gets into 18 of them !!! Wowww. Adding to this is PVR Cinemas hyd which is screening this 10 times a day. And literally I was not able to count the number of cinemas in hyd where its opening today.

The reasons I could see for this much of an hype... Mahesh's magnetism in tollywood, Pokiri's success, the directors successful venture with Mahesh before (Okkadu and Arjun), and Mahesh-Trisha's success story in Athadu. Now, Will this movie meet the expectations of over-hyped-up audience ?? We will get the answer soon... Will come back with the review of the movie on Sunday ! :)

Go go go Adhigo...

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  • i have not watched this myself, but went through some reviews..... unfortuntaely they were not encouraging enough!!

    By Blogger Raghuram K R, at 10:04 AM  

  • Film is not upto the expected level..No coherence in screen play..cant even compare this with athadu

    By Blogger Ayyappan, at 4:31 AM  

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