Tuesday, October 24, 2006

'Sainikudu'... Music Review

'Sainikudu' (meaning Soldier) ... the next avatar of Prince Mahesh Babu is expected to hit the cinemas this November. The audio of this flick was released as a 'Diwali gift' to the music lovers. Wow.. what a gift it is turning out to be !!! Harris Jeyaraj, the music director, has given a refreshing and a entertaining album. Even when it can't be termed as exceptionally innovative music, Sainikudu - has nice flavoured songs which I can see clearly fitting the Mahesh's presense on the screen.

Let me individually comment on the songs:
1. Aadapilla - (Hariharan and Chitra):
This is a normal run-of-the-mill Telugu Song. I call it the Hyderabad-Share-auto Genre. A foot-tapping number. Hariharan's voice is the right fit here.

2. Byla Bylamo - (Lewis,Anushka, & Sunitha)
What an opening to this song !!! It turns your senses on.. just by the start.. Zuvvvaanam..jamaikkam..ohzzaana..baley... Great music. A fast jazzy number.

3. Go Go Adhigo - (Kay Kay)
Again a great music. Solo song. Guessing that this may be the title/intro song for the prince. Kay Kay has done a great job.

4. Mayeera - (SPB, Unnikrishnan, Kavitha)
Here comes the masterpiece. Addictive song. A slow melodious number. Melody and SPB - What else you would want from a song. Jus can't wait to see the picturization of this song. Unni and Kavitha sing the anupallavi and saranam. A nice effort by Harris in being choosy about the singers for pallavi, anupallavi and saranam. My top spot goes to this song in the album.

5. Orrugaule Pilla - (Karthik,Karunya,Harini and Malathi)
If you loved "thaiya thaiya" (From Uyirae, Chaiya chaiya (Dil Se) )... you will enjoy this. This seems like a remix of the same tune. the voices also suggest the same. The jolly mood of the song is enjoyable. Harini's voice stands out.

6. Sogasuchooda - (Shreya Ghosal)
This is a melodious carnatic number by Shreya. The Ghatam is superb especially when hearing in head phones :) .

Overall, Sainikudu promises a lot atleast on the musical front. I see this to be a sensational hit. After the blockbuster Pokiri, the expectations from Mahesh in Sainikudu is high and this music is its first success. Waiting eagerly for yet another sensational Mahesh movie.

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