Sunday, July 09, 2006

Airtel Super Singer - a talent hunt and the drama around it...

If channel surfers who hasn't had an oppurtunity to watch this Airtel SuperSinger contest aired every Fri-Sat 8PM happen to pause in Vijay TV during the time, they are bound to get confused as to whether they are seeing a program of the sorts of "Sapthaswaram" or "Kutram- Nadandhadhu enna ! " or a typical-mega-serial !!! Yes, this program, which goes with a caption "Tamil Nadu's mega Voice hunt" - has all the drama on top of some exceptional singing talent from budding young singers.

The core of the program - its life - is the exhibition of some nice talent and the nice job of the judges panel in quantifying the subjective decisions. Aspirants who wanna earn a chance to sing in the music of Harris Jayaraj have to fight out a stiff competition in front of a jury of acclaimed singers of the likes of Unnikrishnan, Anuradha and Srinivas and and even prove their talent singing along with current playback singers. The idea is good, the concept is beautifully conceived but unfortunately there are a few things which denies the viewer a pleasant experience and even worse, put the contestants under tremendous emotional pressure at times defeating the spirit of music.

The unnecessary melodrama in between the performances trying to create a hype... falls out of place for a music show. I'm sure that commentator is inspired by the "Kuttram Nadandhadhu enna" show and creates the same aura here :D ... winning only the unpleasant faces of the viewers. Putting a big "Rejected" mark on the faces of those who missed to qualify to the next round spoils the spirit. Music belongs to the heart - winning or losing is just external to it. Videography of contestants crying off the stage added up with emotional music, sentimental pleading for SMS votes by those who lost - are totally weird.

While wishing the participants all the very best in their careers... I would love to see the Vijay TV crew do something about keeping up the good spirit of the show and Music.