Monday, March 27, 2006

Movie reviews...

Wanted to write posts for some of the movies I got to watch in the recent past, but didn't have time to individually write for each. So here is a single post with a quick review on the movies I watched in the last one month...

1. Rang De Basanti - Hindi - PVR Cinemas.

I watched this on the same weekend when PVR was open at Hyderabad. The envi suited the best : a nice new Cinema hall for a revolutionary movie of recent times. I liked the entire movie except for the picturization of the songs - I have no idea why the cinematographer chose to randomly shake the camera during song sequence. The crux of the movie was good and the screenplay was also apt. ARR, as usual, was awesome in the background score. Overall 8/10.

2. Taxi no 9211 - Hindi - PVR Cinema

Man, this is an nice movie if you have patience and interest to study the subtle characterization the directory has tried to do with the two different personalities. The movie was good enuf entertainer and Nana Patekar's performacne was soooo good. The music is a treat to your ears and PVR Sound system added flavour to the music. Overall 7/10.

3. Happy - Telugu - PRASADS Multiplex (2 times)

This is the movie which tops my recent favourite list. I was so so happy to watch this even for the second time. Genelia is amazingly awesome in this film and her character was like a breeze. Even when I'm not that good in understanding Telugu, I understood each and every dialogue of this movie and the screenplay was perfect. The comedy was good, Allu's performance was natural and apt. I loved all the songs and the way they were picturized. "Chal chal chal chal mere saathi.. hum ban gaye hyderabadi..", "Happy", "Hate U" were the nicest ones. Genelia - 10/10 :-) . Overall 9/10.

4. BluffMaster - Hindi - Home Theatre :-)

When I got the bluffmaster audio CD it was more than two weeks after the movie was released. The audio enthralled and excited me so much that I desperately wanted to watch this movie in PVR or PRASADS. But they were not screening this movie anymore. But still I was on a pursuit to watch this movie somehow and managed to buy a VCD of it. After seeing the movie, I thought "Why didn't it strike to me that, if a movie is not running anywhere in the city even when its just 3 weeks after its release it means the quality of the movie is only to that level". It was a junkest movie of all sorts with hardly a few plus points, one of them being Priyanka's beauty. Otherwise the film has nothing in it (of course, except the good music) to keep the audience seated happily in their seats for 3 hours. Overall 4/10.

5. Malamal Weekly - Hindi - PVR Cinema.

My expectations out of this movie was very low to start with, after seeing the trailer before. I know that it is a village story with not-so-hyped-up star cast etc. The first few minutes of the movie was proving my expectations... but, man, as the story began to ravel and complicate it became so interesting that the overall movie looks to me now as a revolutionary, daring and a successful attempt by director Priyadharshan. The story is simple, but the screenplay is complicated and funny. The comedy is novel and natural. Amazing movie worth watching. Overall 9/10.

Pics Courtesy : and the respective movie official sites.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Mirror magic...

Through the Kaleidoscopic mirror... There were lot of such interesting mirror reflective demo stuff all over the Mirror magic section of Science City, Kolkata.

The next one is pretty interesting pic It was fun seeing mee all around the conferencing table ;)

And the next one is a cool serendipitous shot... We were trying to take a picture of the Vidhyasagar sethu from inside a restaurant and it had a reflection of my face on the glass pane of the Window !