Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bangalore Trip... A memorable weekend

Oct 15-16 : Bangalore

It all started off in a spark when me and Arun were thinking of ways to watch the recent blockbuster and asin-starrer "Ghajini". "Why not travel to B'lore for a weekend and watch it with our friends there?" - "Ok Done" was the immediate consensus between a few of us. So we started on 14th evening by a special train to Bangalore to spend the weekend.

We had nice journey in the train and we were discussing some interesting aspects where Anbu pretended to give gyan to us on things which were supposedly based on his experience. But he only managed to bore us and we crawled to our berths when the night was young.

At Bangalore, We had a warm welcome there at the station with Hemanth,PSV, Baghu and Gokulnath coming to receive us.

That afternoon, we had lunch at "Sahib Sindh Sultan" an authentic Indian hotel with a flamboyant ambience. We had Mohan Kumar and Arunachalam joining for lunch here and it was a great Lunch together as a big group.

It was 3:45PM by the time we finished Lunch and it was time for our much awaited movie show -- Gajini at PVR.

The movie was a good thriller and is definitely of worth-watching calibre. But the inexperience of the director was evident at many a place where he tried to fargo logic for want of typical cinematic masala. Thats typically what contemporary directors do and thats fine with most of today's cine goers. So a one-line review of the movie - Good, Asin-awesome and a couple of nice songs. So purpose solved :-)

After the movie we roamed about The Forum doing nothing more than window shopping and the 'obvious' thing at a happening place in the city. We had some good south-indian dinner and got back to Hemanth's house.

Now is the interesting part. We started to play the 'Business game' (one of our favourite board-games) with our hosts there. We divided ourself into three groups such that each team had a Hyderabadi and a B'lorean in it. Baghu stealed the show obviously for wrong reasons ! He took ages to cast the dice for each round and proved a huge bottleneck in the otherwise 'rapid' game. Talking strategies (aka non-sense in Business game) , calculating the positions, and negotiating for unpreferable deals, Baghu dragged the game so much that even our "Saadhuest" (Composed) JP cannot tolerate his awkward game. Finally the game ended where me+Gokul won and Raghu+Hemanth came second. Our Strategy King Baghu lost badly inspite of his partner JP's nice play :-)

We captured the rare moment of Baghu casting his dice and here is it.

The next day (Sunday) we decide to go to Indian Institute of Science (IISc) where our friend SriRaghavendra is studying and we reached there at about 2PM after a nice Lunch at Sri Krishna Cafe. IISc was really a cool and green place with vast green areas, trees, pathways and natural beauty. It looked like a "raajaangam" (Kingdom) in itself. We had photo sessions there with our Raghavendra and spent some 1 hour in the college.

Couple of snaps which we took there

We went to MG Road and Brigade road then, had some exotic icecreams at a parlour and returned back to Hemanth's house to give time to JP and Arun to complete their Yoga duties for the day.

We started back to Hyderabad in a Volvo bus, before which Anbu did not miss to call on his long time friend, who also came to the bus station to wish him (and us also) happy journey. It indeed turned out to be happy journey and we reached our place safely before 9am.

Nice time to remember for life, indeed.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Saraswathi Pooja...

Some snaps of our Pooja room during this Saraswathi Pooja/Vijayadasami.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Life and fun at Hyderabad...

We the techxperts at Hyderabad - are a unique bunch of people having fun-filled life in our own style. Our weekends flee past in a flash because we get together and enjoy being together.

A glimpse of what if making our life enjoyable.....

Jp and Bhoopesh have taken their culinary skills to a new heights that we have nothing less than virundhu (feast) at home most of the days dining as a group of no-less-than 10 ppl. Bhoopesh's kadala chutney, JPs aloo fry, Raghu's pulihoras, Arun's papads and to an extent my poricha kootu are few of our best finds and we feast on them.

We never rest even after a heavy Lunch and Hyderabad always has a new place to enjoy during weekends - be it ice-cream parlours, parks, cafe-day or road-side bhajji stalls. Our Baleno and Corsa make Hyderabad look small and we go places adding to fun and frolic.

Few of our folks have started practising Yoga and they sincerly follow the guidelines and regularity of performing the kriyas. If you hear some weird animal/bird like sounds - you are most likely to be near our houses :-)

Then comes our interesting board-games(BG) night. Business game takes the ice on the cake. BGs may come and BGs may go... but Business will never get out of our memories. If Bill Gates can do "Business at the speed of thought" our Raghu can play 'Business' at the speed of thought. He just needs a few people to sit around the business board and throw the dice, rest is in his hands. With Kalyan joining us these days for BGs we burn midnight oil to think stategies (or act to think) for trading coffees and shipping corn in Puerto Rico.

I can write endlessly here about our enjoyable life here. But I'm keeping it incomplete at this for our friends to add more as comments.

To be part of this elite group is more fulfilling than just a career at your dream company. Wanna be part of the fun? Come join us !!! Celebrate being together.

-- Adding a mail which Rams sent to few of us recently---

From: Ramasamy Pullappan
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 14:19
To: Naresh Chandrasekaran; Jayaprakash Narayanan Sampath; Arvind Sharma; Arun Kalaiselvan; Raghuram K R; Bhoopesh Veluswamy; Balasubramanian Ganapathy; Vimal Kumar S.; Duraisamy, Parthiban
Cc: Anto Anthony Muthu Joseph Henry
Subject: it was a great time yesterday


I think it was a great day yesterday. Pretty much the hostel days: revisited.

I was reminded of TV rooms, hostel lan ;), those gud discussion lying on each other in crowded beds, those rip-roaring laughter, those oattals, those funny older-day-recollections and of course, eating together some very very gud fud.

It was great! I am thankful to each one of you for it.

(I hate formalities. But I felt this deserved a special mail)