Monday, August 01, 2005

Windows Vista - A clear view of your world...

Windows means a lot to the world and it is no more just an Operating system. It is a phenomenon - in bringing people's dreams to reality and enabling them to realize their abilities. It is a platform - not just for a host of applications but for the millions of professionals across the globe to base their innovation on. It is an art - carved by the smart brains of geographically and culturally diversified technocrats. It is a marvel - in winning people by heart.
Now Windows takes a new incarnation in the name of 'Vista'. There are no limits to innovation in today's digital world and Vista is all set to form the backbone of the next revolution. It means a lot when it comes with a caption "Windows Vista brings clarity to your world making you clear,confident and connected". It is really going to be cool and easy to organize your data and play with it on your PC. Vista comes with a magnetism to attract people to their PC and do amazing things in life.
What gives Vista this magic to make people's life easier - it is it's life. Windows Vista is phenomenally different from its earlier versions in every aspect of an Operating system with an extra flavour of goodness.

Vista gets its basics right !
"Things should just work" - this is what the world expects out of Windows. Vista got it foundation set right and it solves most of the user's problems in reliability, accessibility, deployment, manageability, privacy and security. It is easy to deploy with a significant decrease in the OS install time. It is secure to the core with an enhanced security model and will keep the hackers at bay. Getting the foundation right was a significant focus throughout the development of Vista.

'Information' - Organize them easily !
There is a growing demand for easy organization, searching and retrieval of information stored on a computer. With the introduction of Virtual folders and the improvement in the search indexing engine, 'information' will be at your ease with Vista. With the built-in dynamic searcher in the Start Menu, it is going to be absolutely easy to start your programs and applications. Searching and retrieval is going to be cool with the easiness in manipulating the keywords and other metadata of files.

Developers - It is fun time for you now !
WinFX - is the next gen platform for the IT developers. The two great pillars - Windows Presentation platform and Windows Communication Platform - gives you the power of the next-gen developer. Your applications are going to look cool and great on Vista and enables you to realize your business dreams.

Stay Connected - In an easy way !
Vista is highly configurable in terms of its weight and it can sit on any device ranging from high-end servers, desktops to tablets and smartphones. It knows the language of the wireless era and keeps you connected always. All your network management and configuration is going to be easy with the built in support for a secure wireless network.

Document solutions for all !
You can do a lot more with your Vista in the documents world. Printing with the Metro format of documents will capture your eyes and heart. It is just that cool. You will love to print your photos digitally and keep them close to your heart. The printing industry is to face a revolution with this Metro format of printing. Enterprise customers will find the scanning, imaging and faxing solutions just apt to their business needs giving them a seamless solution in the document space.

Surf with a smile !
Here comes a long due from Microsoft for surfers of the internet. IE 7.0 will make browsing experience a pleasure with the tabs and built-in support for RSS/XML feeds. You are devoid of security and spyware/adware worries with IE.

All with a Coool face !
Vista - strong by virtue - is also beautiful by a cool face. The GUI will capture you by all your senses, with the glass windows and intuitive interfaces to its various facets. The 3-D animations to the Window jus makes you fall in love with it.

In All - Windows Vista delivers on the promise of allowing people to use their computers more effectively and confidently to achieve their goals and pursue their passions.

Now go get ready for Windows Vista !

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