Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yet another scintillating performance by Unni...

My joy knew no bounds when I heard that my favorite carnatic vocalist,Shri.P.Unnikrishnan, is coming to Hyderabad for a carnatic concert. It was a cool Wednesday evening on 27th July and I was overcautious in making myself to the auditorium more than 1 hr before the concert, to make sure I secure the best place in the hall.
Unni was sparkling in a green kurtha and was accompanied on stage by Vittal Ramamoorthy, on violin and Ganapathyram on Mridhangam. He started with a 'Thodi' varnam.. Era Naapai... He captured the ears of the audience right with the first song.
He then went on to Shanmuga Priya with a melodious "Andavanae Unnai nambinaen"... His delicate rendering of the composition took me by all senses. The main song was a Sankara baranam. The Aalap was excellent but he could have selected a better song for the main rendition, as the one he chose was not popular among the mass and also seemed dull. Nevertheless, he captured the audience with a bang, when he started his Raagam-Thaanam-Pallavi (RTP) in Keeravaani. Wow !!! I never have heard such a beautiful RTP in my life. The entire hall was patting the thalam in sync, which enthused him more to tweak the ragas and making it a jewel in the crown.
He also gave a couple Thukkadas in Telugu, "Raa Raa Chinnanna" and "Brahmam Okate". Three and half hours have passed by then and he was still fresh and energetic, so were the audience, to present a foot-tapping Thillaana.
Overall, It was a good refresh for my carnatic interests and it was a typical Unnikrishnan touch which did it again for me.
I even had a 3 minute chat with him after the concert where I congratulated him for the marvelous RTP. I requested him to come to Hyderabad for more such concerts, for which he nodded with a smile.

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