Sunday, April 17, 2005

My opinion on The Hindu's new look !

------------The published version-----------------------------
THE HINDU - Monday, Apr 18, 2005

The new design and look are pointers to the quality of the content. They capture the minds and hearts of the readers. Congratulations to the design team and the editorial board of the newspaper. But it is also true that there are many other newspapers with a similar look.
Naresh Chandrasekaran,

----------My original write-up---------------------------------
“Appearances are deceptive” may not be the case for The Hindu print editions now, as the newspaper is now ‘quality by design’ and ‘quality by content’. The new design and look shows the quality of the content and captures the mind and the heart of the readers. Kudos to the design team and the editorial board of India’s national newspaper. But I think the new look is only new to The Hindu and not to the newspaper world. There are many other newspapers in the market which have similar looks and nothing in the new design is revolutionary to make The Hindu stand distinguished among its competitors. It would have been great if you had come up with a design which is unique to The Hindu.

Naresh Chandrasekaran.