Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 things I'll remember '09 for ...

Its New Year's Eve tonight and we will wake up to a whole new year tomorrow. Looking back at '09, it has only been funtastic, enriching and an awesome year for me... thanks to all those who wished me a Happy 2009 a year ago ! :)

Here is my list of top 9 things I'll remember this year for... (in pseudo-chrono order)

1) Beyonce's concert in Seattle : I may not be as big a fan of Beyonce as I claim to be, but this was one definite "wow" experience for me.

2) Sadhguru's visit to Seattle and Rams Anto farewell : It was an enriching experience to listen to Sadhguru especially with an open mind as I'm not associated with Isha. It was reaffirming the fact that "Every human being is naturally capable of being joyful". And having lived with joyful beings like Anto and Rams I can't relate to it more ! Anto was our pet at home - the constant source of fun and Rams was the catalyst of fun. We had times of our lives with 5 of us being together. Even when I miss both of them, I'm happy for them for they have found their passions.

3) Raghu's parents visit : Two months of at-home feel with awesome food, unlimited ottals, dumb-c fun ( can't forget Raghu's mom trying to enact a happy face for 'Santhosh' subramanian ! ), horoscope predictions and watching movies together.

4) Tulip trips: Three continous weekends to Tulip gardens with different set of friends each time. A tulip is a tulip is a tulip :)

5) Weekend trips : The gorgeous Yosemite trip during memorial day weekend, the funtabulos Niagara Falls trip during Independence day, the spectacular Chicago trip in summer, the delicious buffet at Saravana Bhavan Vancouver, the happening Austin downtown and a thanksgiving weekend trip to Texas to meet Shashu and Shamu !

6) The RNARA movie quizzes : We, the RNARA gang ( my roommates), started playing this Tamil movie based quizzes and got so addicted to it that we came up with numerous ways to frame questions ( character names, ERCs, Guess from the story, guess the song, BGM, guess the movie from video clip etc etc). We had fun quiz shows organized during the class get-together and other such potluck events.

7) Summer Soccer matches : Thanks to my lead at office, I got interested in playing soccer and we played almost every weekend during the summer here. Enjoyed every bit of it. Also got to see Chelsea playing Sounders when the blues visited Seattle.

8) Windows 7 : The greatest success story of Microsoft in recent times... proud to be part of the team that shipped Windows 7 on time and with great quality.

9) Diwali and the celebrations back home : Had an awesome Diwali at home the childhood-style... sweets, fireworks, new dress and early morning oil bath ! There is nothing like being at home for festivals... Enjoyed all my fav speciality dishes that my mom made. Our first house-warming ceremony and my cousin's wedding made my India trip a memorable one.

Now.. I dont want to bore you guys with "10 things I look forward to in 2010" etc.... Lets hope for a joyful 2010.

WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010.. Enjoy and spread the joy !

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Beyonce Experience…

It was a long-time-dream-come-true moment for me to experience a full-throttle Beyonce show amidst a flood of 10K fans at Keyarena Seattle on Apr 1st 2009.

The high-tech design of the concert was fantastic and kept the crowd riveted to her stage presence.

It was 150 mins of high energy concert and was a memorable experience.

( These days for some reason I’m not being enthu’ed about blogging a lot.. but still wanted to record this event in here. Hence this few-liner blogpost :) )

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The mystic magician...

"Music is the easiest way to reach the Ultimate" - an often said tag line by many. But only a very few musicians can make you realize the essential truth in the statement. They can weave magic with music and put the receptive listener in a different dimension of life altogether. A R Rahman is one such magical musician !

From the yesteryear classics like Roja, Uyirae (Dil se) to the recent Ghajini, Yuvvraj, SDM I can feel that his magic grew within me over time. His subtle yet intense music reached a new peak in Delhi-6 and here I'm, joining the league of no-words-to-explain-his-music club. Delhi-6 did a lot of things to me including bringing be back to my blog after an year long hiatus !

For the mystic musician who says ' music just happens within you when you tune in to it', Oscars and other bigger laurels will 'just happen' ! Here is wishing the master all that he deserves in life. Jai Ho ARR !!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Se(a)ttling with fun in US

After coming to US last August, I have had so much fun settling in Seattle. Soaking in a totally different culture, the people, the way of life etc - all of these new experiences are adding color to my life :) Today I realized that one thing that I'm not doing frequently after coming here is - blogging! May be there is too much to blog that, the very thought makes me tired and bored of writing one! So I thought it would be a good refresh to my blogging interest if I did a quick run over the new colors added to my life in US ( There is one more interesting reason for this blog post.. read on till the end to know ! :) )

* First of all, the basics... Food and Stay - Rams, Anto and myself stay together in a nice place very close to office. Its been an extended hostel life for us from college to Hyderabad to here... movies, games, jokes and all the fun. We still laugh at silliest jokes and Anto never stops to provide us with a situation to crack a joke :). The best thing is the Foooood. We learnt a lot new things in cooking and with the availability of fresh vegetables, Indian groceries etc we relish home cooked food. In fact at times we feel that we are having nutritious food here compared to when we were in India. And there are zillions of good places to eat out here. My favorites and frequented places are CanAm Pizzas, Taco Bell for Burritos and Chalupas, Mayuri for Idly Manchurian and Bisibela bath, Spice Route for Adai Avial :) . Contrary to the popular opinion that vegetarians find it difficult in US, we had no issues so far :D

* Dharini.... Any guess who this is;) .... She is a sweet girl... She is the light of my way... I follow her and I love her !!! ..... OK dont let ur imagination go wild... She is this sweet girl who is in the Acura Navigation system in my car :D ... GPS, Maps, Navigation system all these are just fictional terms in Indian traffic. But here, most vehicles on road run on this. Its total fun driving car here, exploring unknown places, long drives etc. Thank you Dharini for showing me the way ! ( For those wondering why did I name her Dharini... 2 reasons... 1. I like that name and 2. 'dhari' in telugu means 'Way' ! )

* Hip Hop !!! Thanks to KUBE93 FM this genre of music got added to my taste and am listening more and more of Hip Hop songs now. T-Pain is my favorite. Oh my God, when am driving my car, its T-Pain who will be driving me crazy ! I have never been a fan of English songs... but its been good fun listening to this chaotic yet ecstatic music. 'Bartender' and 'Baby Dont go' top my chart now !

* Texas Hold'Em Poker - Got introduced to this by one of my friends here and got addicted to this from then :). I also got this on my laptop :) (One of the extras for Vista Ultimate users :) ) . We just play for fun with fake money chips and this is so addictive. Especially when you win a few hands this game will drag you in. So when you are just gambling with the fake money you got nothing to lose but you get all the excitement and fun of bringing Vegas home :D

* F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Prison Break... the two great TV serials I fell in love with. Started watching Friends only after coming here and now I have seen all the 10 seasons. What a characterization of each of the Friends ! I thoroughly enjoy this greatest serial of US Television history. And coming to Prison Break, the season 3 is still going on in FOX TV and I must say that the director of this show should be some crazy, smart, out-of-this-world guy ! Scene by scene, dialogue by dialogue this show keeps you nail-biting on the edge of the seat. Gripping screenplay at its helm !!!

* American Football () I had no idea about this game before coming here. I was never a big game/sports fan anyway... But just to see the excitement of Americans over this heavily-intense, strategy game is actually the game for me. This weekend is the Super Bowl where the New England Patriots are taking on New York Giants. All hopes over the most-popular American sportsperson, Tom Brady ( the Patriots' quarterback) to bring home the trophy. Even if you dont understand the game, have a look at this play - - Its the most famous Tom Brady Statue of Liberty Play action. The Sports section of my morning 'Seattle Times' is feeding me the interesting news from this arena . I had hopes on the Seattle Seahawks to reach the Super Bowl this time, but tough luck snowed over them during their playoff match against Green Bay Packers

* And Barack Obama... the agile, young and smart player of the game of politics in US. Even when I cannot vote for the next president of US, I want to be part of this Obama wave in the country. Been following him since his victory at the Iowa causus and can't wait to know the results on Super Tuesday this Feb 5th. Lets see if he can make it up all the way to the White House this time.

Now, coming back to the other reason for this blog... I wanted to finish my homework before I sit for my 'Culture, Communication and English-as-Second-Language' class tomorrow evening with Tracy Stober !! Yeah it's been a nice experience with these classes till now and Tracy and I talk about the American culture, the Business etiquettes, English as spoken and understood by the Americans etc. And at times I explain her about the richness of Indian culture and the beauty of Indian languages !

So.. these are the few things which peps up my stay here. Be a Roman in Rome, Be a Seattlite in Seattle and Be Yourself always - this works for me and am glad about it !

Monday, November 19, 2007

"தமிழ் அமுது"

அற்புத கீர்த்தி வேண்டின்... ஆனந்த வாழ்கை வேண்டின்...
நற்பொருள் குவிதல் வேண்டின்... நலமெலாம் பெருக வேண்டின்...
கற்பக மூர்த்தி தெய்வ களஞ்சியத்து இருக்கை சென்று
பொற்பதம் பணிந்து பாரீர் பொய்யில்லை கண்ட உண்மை !

Every time I recite this sloka I admire the beauty of it and of Tamil language ! What a simple usage of words to show the beauty of the language. I'm not going to spoil the beauty by trying to translate it :)

And here is one amazing verse from Abirami Andhadhi

தனம் தரும், கல்வி தரும், ஒருன்னாளும் தளர்வு அறியா
மனம் தரும், தெய்வ வடிவும் தரும், நெஞ்சில் வஞ்சம் இல்லா
இனம் தரும், நல்லன எல்லாம் தரும், அன்பர் என்பவர்க்கே
கணம் தரும் பூங்குழலாள் , அபிராமி கடைக்கண்களே

Oh my boy.. How I wish to read all my school Tamil books now !

- நரேஷ்

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


"Given a 2D representation of skyscrapers in which each building is represented by {x1,x2,y} meaning the building is from x1 to x2 on x axis and is of height y, write a function which will draw the skyline" . (Refering the picture below, given the black rectangles, you have to draw the red line !)"

Mar 19th 2004.... Park Sheraton Hotel Chennai.... I was presented with this problem to solve. 1 hour was the time allotted to crack this. I came up with all possible brute force methods... none of them seemed convincing enough to solve this in algorithmic fashion. Time was up..but yet I didn't give up thinking through this problem. Then came a strategy which struck me out of the blue and the solution was correct( or atleast closest to one of the correct ones) ! Bingo.. I was elated and was so happy about that luck or fate which was with me that day ! Least did I know then that solving this problem will remain as one of the important factors of me getting to see these real skyscrapers and skylines :)

Yes. That problem was the deciding question of my interview with Microsoft India and here I'm writing this from my office in Microsoft Corporation, Seattle !! What an amazing journey from the paper skyline to the Seattle skyline...

Life is amazing ! You never know what it is going to present you with in the next second... but thats what make it amazing ! ( Stolen from Kamal Hassan's words from Anbe Sivam... "Adutha vinaadi ozhithu vaithirukkum aaacharyangal pala kodi.... " )

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life at Microsoft India Development Center- Video

A sneak peek inside Microsoft's Hyderabad facility.

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